Owen Maigret, born in California and raised in Hawaii has been communicating his ideas through oil, stone, and other artistic media for nearly forty years. Owen’s original concepts have been exhibited in SF MOMA, featured in the San Francisco Weekly and sponsored by Levi’s for its Silver Tab line in 2001. He has graced the covers of countless DJ mixes and albums: “‘Evil’ Eddie Richards,” “Mr. C,” “Garth,” “Jeno,” “Gene Farris,” “Soulfood” (to name but a few). Recently, Owen has exhibited works in Create:Fixate (Los Angeles), Autumn Lights in Pershing Square (Los Angeles), to name just a few.

In 2004, Owen was given full artistic control to design a room in the San Francisco based Hotel des Arts, housing approximately 38 rooms custom painted by various upcoming artists including Dave Kinsey, David Choe, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, and Shepard Fairy.

It has been said of Owen, “If any visual artist captured the ethos of the San Francisco house music scene during its ’90s salad days, it would be Owen Maigret.” – Darren Keast, ‘Owen Maigret’s Conquering Label – SF Weekly – 10/25/2006

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